Real Lemons (2017)

Director, Writer, Editor

In modern-day rural and conservative California, an openly gay ex-convict ropes his high-spirited and naive brother into committing a bar robbery, so they can trade their old life for a better one.

'Real Lemons' is a dark character study about oppression in small-town America. Inspired by my own relationship with my brother and my experience in the LGBTQ community, this film explores the sacrifices we make in pursuit of freedom.

Producer: Aaron Moskal

Writer: Julian Buchan & Luke Maynard

Starring: Alex Feldman (The Bling Ring), Travis Owens, Melia Kreiling (The Last TycoonTyrant), Isabella Applen

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2018 Director/Editor Showreel



Post Precious - 'Timebomb' (Official Music Video) (2017) 

Director, Producer, Editor


"Nothing in the world can touch Southern California’s Joshua Tree. It’s got desert terrain akin to some distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. It’s the perfect escape. The great contrasts of life and death, light and darkness, togetherness and brokenness run free under its big sky, making it an idyllic (and oft-used) location for some of your favorite music videos.

In Post Precious’ case, Joshua Tree is a place of separation, rebirth, and reacquainting. They bring their debut single, “Timebomb,” to life in the desert through Sammi Farber’s choreography, under the vision of director Julian Buchan, art director Liam Moore, and DP Patrick Jones. ”‘Timebomb’ is essentially about breaking away from an irreparably fucked-up relationship,” the duo, made up of Alex Winston and MS MR’s Max Hershenow, tells us. Such an idea informed Farber’s push-and-pull choreography. Winston and Hershenow fold and unfold into one another, contrasting the “severe beauty of the desert” in all its relative stillness. They personify the thrill of the great escape, the fear of it all and the ultimate comfort in its subsequent resolve."

DIrector: Julian Buchan

Cinematography: Patrick Jones

Art Direction: Liam Moore

Choreography: Samantha Farber

1st AD: Christina Fitzpatrick

Editor: Julian Buchan

Nathan Ball - 'Right Place' (Official Music Video) (2016)

Director, Producer, Editor

Director: Julian Buchan

Cinematography: Chris Parkes

Taken from Clash Magazine, where the video premiered:

"Nathan Ball tends to take his inspiration wherever he can find it.

A recent flurry of shows on the continent took the songwriter took France, playing dates high up in the mountains.

Amidst the clear alpine air and the pristine French countryside the songwriter's muse took hold, pushing him in fresh directions.

New cut 'Right Place' is the result. Wonderfully fresh sounding indie songwriting with just a dash of pop music, it owes a debt to that enthralling trip to the heavens.

"It was an incredible trip for us," he says. "When I was back home, I picked up the guitar and started exploring this idea of a ‘right place’, a place where people feel most comfortable and happy. Whether that be a physical location or a headspace - it's a place where people go to find peace and feel free."

Recorded with Ian Grimble, it marks a talent re-ignited - watch the video for 'Right Place' below."


ANNA (2016)


Director: Julian Buchan

Producer/Writer: Tom Connolly

Starring: Tom Connolly, Kandis Fay, Lizzie Redner

ANNA is about a broken young man reflecting on a time in his past when he did something horrific. Haunted by the memory of his girlfriend, we are drawn back to that very night, witnessing the act itself and the events leading up to it, through the fractured, disorientating memories of our protagonist.

I’m very pleased to say that Anna has been accepted into the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, LA Indie Film Festival, Hollyshorts, New Filmmakers Los Angeles and the BUTFF in Holland. It premiered at the LA Regal Cinemas in March.

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Valentina - 'Hoy Quiero Confesar' (Official Music Video) (2017)


Acclaimed drag performer Valentina's first official video after her elimination from Ru Paul's Drag Race. An absolute pleasure editing this.

'Hoy Quiero Confesar'

Starring: Valentina

Directed by Nikko Lamere, Edited by Julian Buchan, Produced by Alex Jolicoeur, DP: Ian Asbjornsen, Camera Operator: Ian Asbjornsen

Art Direction/ Concept/ Styling/ Translation: Valentina, Tony Medina, Aidan Euan, Ernesto Casillas, Matthew Contreras, Ulysses Martinez, Alejandro Gomez.


Cancer Pisces Scorpio (2013)

Director, Writer, Editor

Originally designed as a triptych of character portraits, here are the three parts of my Constellations series - Cancer (2012), Pisces and Scorpio (2013) - together in one edit. The film explores the insular worlds of three characters whose lives are overwhelmed by feelings of isolation and detachment. As they each find themselves driven forward by intangible forces, their lives begin to interconnect and align. Gina has a troubled relationship with her sister Penny. When one day Penny goes missing, Gina uses clues from her diary to find out where she is. When the clues lead to the park next to their old family home in the countryside Gina finds herself lost and scared with no one to call on. Ray's truest passion is star-gazing. He lives an unfulfilled and lonely life working in the city. In his quest for that perfect night sky he remembers the park he used to visit with his telescope as a child. It is Will's turn to share at his weekly AA meeting. He offers us glimpses into his life, from a troubled young man to his current life as a park groundskeeper. But he feels like he is still missing something. A chance encounter with a young couple gives him the purpose he desired for so long and helps him realise the work he has left to do. I wrote and directed this film with the aid of the 2013 CCW Artist Moving Image Fund Award, which awards up to £500 for students to make moving image work. The film was then screened along with nine other grant-winners' works at South London Gallery on May 15th.

Niko, Holga, Rebel (2014)

Director, Writer, Editor

Synopsis: Niko has been coming to the same bar for the last ten months, looking for one woman. When Rebel, a young documentary filmmaker, hears his story he immediately sees potential for a film and travels across the country to meet her. Traversing the boundaries between popular documentary, filmmaking and installation, this work not only references and connects the many different ways we experience moving image today, but also interrogates ideas of production, authorship and veracity. Presented at my degree show as an installation, with the film playing split-screen over two Apple Mac screens in what was made to look like an editing room, the means of presentation aimed to investigate the possibilities of expanding moving image practice beyond the screen and how it can engage directly with the audience. I wrote and directed this film with the aid of the CCW Artist Moving Image Fund Award, which awards up to £500 for students to make moving image work, and which I won for the second year in a row (the first year's film can be seen here - The film was then screened along with six other grant-winners' works at South London Gallery on May 21st. I then showed the film as my final piece at my Fine Art Degree Show at Wimbledon College of Art, where it was awarded the Moving Image Award 2014 by LUX. (LUX is an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists’ moving image practice and the ideas that surround it -

La Chilena (2014)

Director, Editor

Over Christmas time in 2013 my family and I visited my sister Susannah in Chile, where she has worked as a marine biologist for the past seven years. Her specific field of research is blue whale acoustics and ecology - recording and interpreting their sounds to determine migration and breeding patterns. For us, this was the first time that the entire family got the chance to see her in her new adopted country, a culture that has become so fixed in her that she has been referred to by other South Americans as La Chilena (the Chilean woman). Over the three weeks we stayed in Chile, Susie organized a tour of the country, ranging from the picturesque Valparaiso to the barren salt flats of the Atacama Desert, bordering with Bolivia. It was a staggeringly beautiful trip, but the most moving moment for us as a family was the airing of a documentary on Chilean national television partly dedicated to her and her ongoing research. To see her hard work be appreciated and reported so thoughtfully evoked in us a lot of pride. Documentary and blue whale footage credit goes to "Chile: Laboratorio Natural" by Cabala Productions and CONICYT Chile (